Wills and Probate

Wills and probate solicitors


Millbank Solicitors can provide expert legal assistance in every aspect of making a will or arranging your estate.
Our legal services include all matters regarding:
  • wills
  • probate
  • trusts
  • applications to the Court of Protection
  • administration of estates
  • enduring powers of attorney
  • general inheritance planning


Dealing with bereavement can be very stressful and difficult. Our friendly and approachable probate team will be able to give you as much help as you require in order to settle the deceased's affairs.

Probate and Estate Planning

When someone dies their estate needs to be distributed, hopefully in accordance with their wishes if they have made a Will, or if a Will has not been made, then the estate will have to be distributed pursuant to the current intestacy rules.

We can deal with these steps for you, from obtaining a Grant (this is the document which allows us to deal with the estate) to realising the assets and then paying debts. The remainder of the estate is then distributed to any beneficiaries.

Estate planning is relevant to almost anyone owning their own home. We at Millbank Solicitors can help organise your affairs so as to eliminate or minimise any potential tax liability and ensure that your affairs are handled in the manner that you want them to be.

Our Probate solicitors take a pro active approach and encourage our clients to plan their affairs in a manner which enables them to pass their assets to their chosen beneficiaries with ease and the minimum burden to the estate and the beneficiary of the estate.

Our probate expertise extends from the preparation of wills to acting as Executors and Administrators, planning for and advising on actual and potential tax consequences of the disposition of an estate.

We also have experience of advising clients who own assets abroad and can assist and advise on how the laws of different countries will interact and the tax implications that arise in these circumstances.